KLS Vision Pass Facial Recognition Reader

KLS Vision Pass Facial Recognition Reader

The Vision Pass Facial Recognition Reader can be used in conjunction with KLS ID or Morpho Manager software to provide a networked access control solution for your premises.

Combining years of experience in the development of facial recognition algorithms and devices for the most demanding applications (governments, airports…) with its latest advances in AI, IDEMIA proposes the most powerful facial recognition device for the access control market.

  • Fully handsfree – no need to to interact with the device
  • Wide angle detection (1.20m to 2.00m) and side approach

State-of-the-art optical set combining 2D, 3D and infrared cameras and stereoscopic image processing algorithm to provide:

  • High performance: near-motion 1-second matching with up to 40,000 users
  • Resistance to spoofing attempts: picture, 3D mask…
  •  Efficiency in all light conditions: from complete obscurity to strong sunlight

With more than 40 years of experience in biometrics and over 4 billion fingerprints managed worldwide, IDEMIA gets top-tier performance in independent tests worldwide (such as NIST evaluations) and is thus the undisputed leader in biometric technologies. Our algorithms and sensor technologies, combined with our end-product design and manufacturing expertise, make us the partner of choice for the most prestigious organizations.
IDEMIA’s solutions, encompassing contact and contactless fingerprint, hybrid vein/print and facial recognition readers, have been deployed in more industries and tougher environments than any other vendors’ solutions.



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