Paxton10 - access control and video management

Paxton10 combines next generation access control with video management in one online interface, providing a simple, easy to use method of managing the security of your site.

Why would I choose Paxton10 over Paxton Net2?

  • Combining your access control and CCTV systems into one user interface makes managing and monitoring the security of your site much more simple.
  • The new Paxton10 readers will read almost any form of proximity card – making it much easier to combine with any other card based systems that you have in place (intruder, cashless vending etc).
  • Paxton10 is “Next Gen” access control. It is ready is integrate with other building management systems. Choose Paxton10 to future proof your security systems.

What’s New with Paxton10?

  • Simple multi site management
  • One Paxton10 Server instead of Net2 software.
  • Manage your sites from anywhere in the world.
  • New proximity readers – that will read any form of prox.
  • CCTV integration – use Paxton’s own cameras, or link in existing IP cameras.
  • Building management integration – turn lights/aircon/ heating on and off.