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KLS GSM Wire Free Intercom System

The KLS GSM Intercom System is our most powerful and flexible intercom solution yet. Working over GSM networks, there is no need for cabling to individual apartments; all each user needs is a mobile phone.

User access permissions and tenant contact details are all managed via a free web portal which allows system managers to add and remove users at the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

System Operation:

  • Residents: use either a pin code, proximity fob or authorised mobile phone to gain entry.
  • Visitors: choose the relevant flat/office on the entrance panel and press “call”. This will call the occupant’s pre-programmed phone (either by audio or video call to the KLS smartphone App). The resident can then either allow or deny the visitor access from their phone.

System Management

Via the KLS Web Portal, you can add/remove proximity fobs, program pin codes (unique to each resident), add and remove resident phone numbers, program door open times and much more! All of the changes are communicated back from the web portal to the panel via GSM, so updates and changes can be made from anywhere in the world!

Where does this system work best?

The KLS GSM Wire Free Intercom System has been deployed successfully in a number of commercial and residential buildings. It is ideal for multi-occupancy buildings; especially when running cable to each individual occupants space is problematic.

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