Keytrak Enhance focuses on our customers need to improve or upgrade existing systems. Keytrak have built a reputation of being “ahead of the curve” by embracing new technologies when they improve reliability, performance and customer experience.

Find some examples of common ENHANCE projects below.

Door Entry and Intercom Systems Upgrades

Door Entry & Intercom systems have been around for a long time. Many audio systems can be upgraded to video utilising the existing cable infrastructure. If the cable infrastructure is beyond repair, then there is also the option of a cloud based GSM video intercom system with smart phone integration.

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Door entry systems

Access Control System Upgrades

The new generation of access control is here. Why use fobs when you can use your phone, your finger or your face?!

Smart credentials, cloud management and CCTV integration are all common reasons for our customers to request an upgrade.

Paxton10, Identity Access, ABLOY CLIQ and Simons Voss are all feature rich solutions ready to bring you some of the smartest access control in the world.

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CCTV System Upgrades

Is the footage on your CCTV system grainy and blurred? Did you know you can upgrade to full a full HD (or even 4K) quality system using the existing cable infrastructure?

Upgrade from analogue to HD-over-Coax, or make it future-proof  upgrading to a networked based CCTV system.

Keytrak work with a number of CCTV manufacturers including Hikvision, DAHUA and HANWAH.

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Dome CCTV Camera

Master Key Systems

If you are responsible for key management on a large estate or premises, you will know that key management can be a nightmare. Who had that key last? What do you do when a key goes missing?

Mechanical master key systems are a great upgrade if you’re currently working with standard locks and no master key. Access site without hassle, manage access levels from day one.

But there is now an even better solution – the ABLOY CLIQ electronic cylinder platform. This works in the same way as an access control system, but without the extra costs of installation.

You can manage which users can access which doors with a few clicks of the mouse, you can monitor user activity, and you can delete access permissions from lost keys.

Check out the ABLOY eCLIQ page for more information, or use our Master Key Systems Quote Builder to receive an estimate.

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