Dome CCTV Camera


If you are looking to improve the security of your premises then CCTV is a tried a tested solution to give you peace of mind, the ability to monitor from afar, and access to evidence in the event of a crime or disturbance.

Keytrak can tailor a CCTV system to suit the needs of individual clients requirements and budgets.

Our experienced system designers and engineers can advise on the most suitable CCTV solution for you and your premises.

Keytrak have a wealth of experiencing specifying, installing and maintaining CCTV systems at schools, residential properties, industrial sites and commercial premises.

Why not use some of our handy tools and guides to help you research your ideal CCTV Solution.


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With the advent of Ipads and I Phones, the means to view images on your home CCTV system while on the move is now a reality that many savvy people are embracing. KeyTrak can install an up to the minute home CCTV system at very reasonable cost, and can also provide the means to access images via your personal communication device, pc or laptop.


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Commercial CCTV

For shops, retail outlets, pubs, offices, your car park, or any area you wish to monitor, KeyTrak can advise on the most suitable level of CCTV technology for your application. Let us design a cost effective system for your business. View images from your PC, I phone or I pad while on the move or on holiday.

Commercial CCTV