Industry leading door entry systems

Biometric entry systems are at the leading edge of door entry security. Biometrics is the analysis and application of biological data, and in our door entry systems this usually comes in the form of finger print recognition. Each person’s fingerprint is unique and so biometric entry systems offer an unrivalled level of security, enabling you to fully ensure that only those you wish to have access to your building or business can enter.

Advantages of Biometric Entry Systems

There are many advantages of using biometric entry systems for your home or business and this has made it an extremely popular option in recent years. They can completely eliminate the problem of employees using friends’ entry keys and fobs to gain access to different areas, as the entrant must the there in person to present his or her fingerprint. This can help to reduce security breaches, and unauthorised trespassing, make it easier for you to control and monitor who is leaving and entering. Biometric entry systems also have a cost efficiency element, as they remove the inevitable fees that come from lost keys and fobs. In addition to this when individuals are added to the system no new keys have to be printed, instead they can be quickly added and removed at your discretion.

Our Biometric Entry Systems

Our biometric entry systems are often used in both commercial and domestic buildings, and are particularly suited to buildings or organisations where there is a large amount of footfall, or where a high level of security is needed. We stock only the highest quality brands of biometric entry systems, and this includes the renowned ievo products. Browse through our biometric entry systems to find out more about our products.

Fitting our Biometric Entry Systems

Here at Keytrak we offer a professional fitting service for our biometric entry systems, to make sure that your new security measures function at an optimum level. Our teams have a vast level of experience in fitting door entry systems and can supply you with testimonials to assure you of the high standard of our work. If you would like any further information regarding our biometric entry systems, or any of our product range, then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.