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3 Types of Access Control Systems

Types of Access Control Systems

3 Types of Access Control Systems

There are many advantages to having an access control system deployed in business premises’. One of which, is the deployment of an access control system in the business premises which enables security of information, employees, equipment etc.

To summarise briefly, an access control system is used to specifically identify an individual within a premise, authenticate them, and proceed to provide them access to that specific area. In this article, we will look at three of the many options that can be considered when specifying an access control system.

At Keytrak, we have a wealth of experience in deploying an access control system in Warrington. If you’re in the market for an access control system in Warrington, then this article will highlight exactly what you need to look out for!

Facial Recognition Access Control System

The first type of access control system in Warrington that we will be discussing, is the facial recognition access control system. A facial recognition-based access control system allows both the control and monitoring of access to your premises by using facial recognition readers integrated with Keytrak ID Access Control Units and software.

Using facial recognition, in conjunction with automatic door operators and touch-free exit sensors, the facial recognition access control system enables ‘no-contact’ access to those entering the building.

The facial recognition access control system is one of the most powerful types of access control system, due to its ability to simply enable access based on the employee’s face. Given the impact of COVID-19, commercial premises, educational facilities etc. are seeking ways to limit contact, making facial recognition access control systems, highly appropriate.

Deploying a facial recognition access control system in Warrington, for a commercial premise, educational facility or hospital environment can have many benefits. One of which, includes not requiring a traditional key, or fob for access.

Biometric Access control system

A biometric access control system, as the name indicates, works by specifically measuring and utilising biological features to provide access to users. This type of access control system truly does create a high security door entry system, most particularly due to biological features being distinct to each person.

One solution we are currently utilising is a fingerprint reader, which uses a user’s fingerprint in order to provide them with access into a specific area, or building. Access is determined by the level of authorisation a user would have, making a fingerprint reader extremely effective in controlling and monitoring.

Biometric entry access control systems in Warrington are a popular choice in access control system for high security complexes. Both facial recognition and biometric access control mean that access can not be shared, unlike the traditional fob or key, meaning restricted access does in fact, remain restricted.

Installation of a biometric access control system in Warrington is an area of which the Keytrak team specialise in. Whether it’s for a commercial premise, or hospital environment, the biometric access control system provides a high-level of security.

Standalone Access control system

Standalone access control systems are the more traditional stylings of an access control system.

Available for installation in Warrington and surrounding areas, the standalone access control systems are ideal for premises that require controlment of access on one or more independent doors in a building.

The standalone access control system provides access to people via using a numeric code, pin or by presenting a magstripe token. These systems are more specifically programmed at each door, meaning that no software is required to manage user access permissions.

Standalone access control systems in Warrington are a common choice for many commercial premises. Specifically, for those who are seeking to control access within a certain area of a building. Ideal for those who are also working within an educational facility, the standalone access control system can easily ensure there are different mediums of security measures carried out within a single premise.

We have a wide range of standalone access control systems in Warrington, available to suit your needs and preferences. With Keytrak, you will be able to choose the type of token used with your standalone access control systems, including keypad, swipe card, proximity token, or biometric technologies.

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