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Industry Leading Video Door Entry Systems

Keep your property safe and secure with the help of one of Keytrak’s industry leading video door entry systems. Comprising of an external speech panel, instant call buttons and an integrated CCTV camera, you can identify and communicate with visitors via a monitor and handset without having to grant them access to your premise. Easy to use and dependable at all times, you can ensure that your business, staff and property are secure and protected against unauthorised entry at all times with the help of Keytrak, the UK’s leading locksmith and security specialists!


video door entry systems

Video Door Entry Systems for Commercial & Domestic Properties

At Keytrak we specialise in installing and repairing video door entry systems for commercial and residential properties across the UK.

Our systems are especially popular within the corporate sector and provide staff with total peace of mind and control over who they allow into the building and when. If you have more than one entrance, which is highly likely, our systems are able to recognise which door is being used and can unlock and lock the correct door when instructed to do so. If it is staff entry door systems that you are looking for, you can find out more about our range of options here.

If you are searching for a security solution for a residential property, we can also offer an external speech panel which features multiple call buttons, this means that visitors can select the specific flat they wish to visit. We can even go one step further by providing you with an intelligent keypad whereby the visitor inputs the flat number they want to call. If you’re open to looking into alternative security system options due to budget considerations, we also offer an extensive range of high standard audio door entry systems which you can read more about here.

How Do Our Video Door Entry Systems Work?

Our video door entry systems are relatively simple to use and allow you to respond quickly to visitors and enquires. When a visitor does press the call button externally, the camera is activated and a buzzer sounds on the handset. Once you answer the call, you can communicate with and see who is visiting your property. If you wish to grant entry, you simply release the electronic door lock with the touch of a button. Once the visitor has entered the door will lock securely. With over 30 years’ experience and expertise, Keytrak supply only the very best electronic locking mechanisms from leading brands such as Trimec, Alpro, Gem and ASEC, so you can rest assured that your door entry system provides you with an optimum level of security.

video door entry systems

Contact Keytrak for Video Door Entry Systems Today

If you’re interested in our range of high standard video door entry systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a highly trained and experienced team on hand who will be more than happy to talk you through the options available and who will also offer you professional advice. If you already have a video entry system installed but it is faulty, we can also provide you with a professional repair and maintenance service.