eCLIQ electronic lock cylinder platform

eCLIQ Electronic Lock Platform

eCLIQ is ABLOY’s latest electronic cylinder platform designed to replace conventional master key systems. It provides system managers with the tools to improve security of their premises in the same way as a typical access control system at a fraction of the cost.

Via Cliq Local Manager software, building owners can set access permissions & timezones, deciding who can enter which door, and when. Other beneficial features include audit trails, hand out process, and also the ability to remove the functionality of lost or stolen keys. Never worry about lost keys ever again.

Key components

  1. Cliq Local Manager – this is a software application that can be installed on a host PC or laptop to manage the locks and keys.
  2. eCLIQ Control Key – the control key is used to authorise system adminstrators access to the software and to collect audit trails from the locks
  3. eCLIQ Desktop Programmer – the desktop programmer is used to communicate data between the software and the locks & keys.
  4. eCLIQ User Key – user keys are used in the same way as conventional keys to access the locks on a system. They are programmable using timezones and access permissions.
  5. eCLIQ Locks – choose from a huge range of locks that fit in place of existing mechanical locks with ease.


Who is eCLIQ for?

eCLIQ is already widely in use by school’s, universities, hospitals, commercial premises and housing associations.

Typically used on plant rooms, electrical cupboards, store rooms, classrooms etc.

eCLIQ is ideal for:

  • Any organisation that is looking to upgrade a mechanical master suite.
  • Any organisation considering access control to improve security
  • Any organisation that requires an audit trail of access to certain areas (plant rooms, exam offices, electrical cupboards, server rooms, archive rooms etc)



How to order eCLIQ

You can order eCLIQ products online here:


If you would like to discuss your requirements with our technical sales team please call the office on 0151 495 5740 or 0161 507 6888. Alternatively you can make an enquiry here:

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