Fob Entry Systems and Building Security

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Fob Entry Systems

Fob entry systems are a simple and effective way to manage access into your building. They can be combined with audio and video entry systems, used as a stand-alone solution, or networked across multiple doors.

Increase Building Security with a Fob Entry System

Using fobs instead of normal keys can greatly improve your building’s security and reduce costs in the event of lost keys/fobs.

If keys are lost to a building then it usually means that you have to change all the locks, if you lose a fob then all you have to do is a present the corresponding shadow card or click a button on a laptop, and the fob will no longer open the door.

Who uses fob entry systems?

Fob Entry Systems are used across a huge array of premises from domestic properties through to industrial units and government buildings.

Which system is right for me?

Our access control and door entry installation experts can help you choose the best system to suit your requirements and budget. There are standalone fob entry systems like Paxton Compact that are perfect for internal doors with a low number of users. Then there are networked access control systems like Paxton Net2 or Identity Access which are suited to systems with a larger number of doors and users.

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Why not try our Access Control Buyers Guide or Access Control Quote Builder to help you choose the best fob entry system for you.


Fob System Buyers Guide

Do you need help deciding on the type of fob entry system that’s right for you?

Try using Keytrak’s Access Control Buyers guide. This will help you understand what type of fob entry systems are available, and also understand the questions you need to ask yourself to enable you to decide on the best fob system for you.

Access Control Buyers Guide

Access Control Quote Builder

Fob Entry System Quote Builder

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