SmartBel Door Bell

SmartBel Door Bell


The SmartBel doorbell calls your mobile phone when activated. This doorbell is an ideal solution for both commercial and residential properties.

Never Miss a Delivery Again

Smartbel is the latest, ideal technology designed to make answering the door a quick and easy task. For our loved ones who struggle to answer the door, it can be a worry. However Smartbel eases all anxieties through a simple phone call. This intelligent doorbell allows home and business owners to answer the phone and notify the visitor that they will be with them shortly. The potential for injury is reduced and having to rush to the door can now become a thing of the past.

For our friends and family that live alone, Smartbel is an essential gift. The exclusive device allows you to feel secure in your own surroundings as you have the choice of opening your front door to strangers or not. With Smartbel you can direct the call to any number you desire therefore granting a family member or carer the capability to answer the door for you. New technology allowing this chosen person to talk inside your home: “Grandma, don’t worry, it’s only the next door neighbours bringing your oven dish back!” It is not always possible to be around for friends and family when we need to be and security and comfort is what this distinctive tool can offer.

Smartbel is suitable for a wide range of applications for both home and business use, including: hotels, offices, surgeries, out-of-hours services, education facilities, residential care, social housing and more.

  • Leave your home or business and still speak to visitors via Smartbel
  • Never miss deliveries or important visitors
  • Improve your security by speaking to visitors first
  • Deters intruders by answering even when you’re out
  • Low cost pay-as-you-go plan
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Convenient use of your mobile phone or landline

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