Simons Voss System 3060 Access Control

Simons Voss System 3060 Access Control


The Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 from SimonsVoss is the electronic version of a mechanical locking system providing all the functions of a classical access control system. Electronic transponders are used instead of mechanical keys, along with digital locking cylinders and digital fittings instead of mechanical locking cylinders. Radio communication takes the place of a key turning in a lock. Data is transferred from the transponder to the locking cylinders or SmartRelays inductively at a frequency range of 25 kHz. The typical reading distance is up to 40 cm for the locking cylinder and up to 120 cm for the SmartRelays.

Using intelligent relays (SmartRelays), electronic switches can be activated depending on the transponder authorisation.

The entire system can be programmed with a programming transponder(without a PC), using software with the programming device or via a wireless network.

All components can be networked at any time, even at a later date. Multi-networking is the ideal solution for any size of system. Locking cylinders which can be directly networked (Network Inside), the WaveNet radio network (868 MHz frequency) and the upgradable network cap for existing cylinders are available for this solution. There are also versions based on the MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire RFID standards.

The commonly used term “G2” is the latest generation of SimonsVoss firmware, which is based on new, very powerful communication protocols for locks, transponders and configuration devices. It enables you to map even bigger and more powerful locking systems and also network them virtually.


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