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In 2015 58% of burglaries happened whilst the homeowner was in, and over a quarter saw the intruder. By choosing Lock Lock from Keytrak, this will never happen to you and your family.

Have you ever been at home and you want to lock the door, but you can’t find the key? Lock Lock removes the need for a key to lock the door from the inside. Additionally, you’ll lock your door more securely than you would with a traditional door lock. Lock Lock lets you know when you’re making your home more secure. Just listen out for the reassuringly solid “clunk clunk” noise that tells you when your door is locked. Furthermore, if there is an emergency and you need a quick exit from your home.  The last thing you want to be doing is looking for keys. Eliminate the need for keys.

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Below we have laid out some of the benefits and features Lock Lock has over its alternatives;

  • Patented Lock Design – The patented lock-block stops the spindle turning. If the spindle doesn’t turn, the door doesn’t open.
  • Tough to Grip – Thanks to a curved finish, burglars will not be able to grip the frame. Even their most favourable tool the mole grip can’t help them. This is a similar story for the cylinder – less cylinder, less to grip on to.
  • Added Spindle Protection – Lock Lock’s patented spindle design works in partnership with internal grub screws to actively prevent intrusion from pulling or pushing the spindle through. With Lock Lock, every feature comes with its own safeguards.
  • Locked and Locked – With Lock Lock, your home is locked and locked. The handle must be turned up and the hooks engaged before the switch can be operated. Double the protection for you and your family!
  • Choose you Colour and Style – Lock lock comes in a number of styles and finishes to suit every ones decor or home.
  • Durable – Lock Lock is extremely durable and won’t need replacing any time soon. For conventional locks, in order pass testing procedures they must preform at least 100,000 cycles, Lock Lock kept on preforming for over 200,000 cycles. Additionally when tested in a salt water spray chamber, the highest endurance previously achieved was 480 hours. Lock Lock preformed for over 7000 hours and counting.

No fuss. No drama. No drill. Thanks to Lock Lock

Finally, another reason homeowners love Lock Lock: there is no need to replace the existing door or locking mechanism when adding Lock Lock to your home. Lock Lock is just an simple upgrade to effortless protect your home. For more information about Lock Lock, speak to one of our team today.

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