CISA 285 75 Container Padlock

CISA 285 75 Container Padlock


The CISA 285 75 Container Padlock is a solid hardened steel padlock with a solid hardened steel shackle. Ideal for use with container lock boxes, on security gates, warehouses, outbuildings, stables etc.
The CISA 285 series of padlocks are rekeyable and there fore can be suited to a master key or keyed alike in a set. Having the locks master keyed can be an ideal solution for self storage companies and container hire/ sales outfits as it allows complete control over the security of your containers and removes the hassle of using and looking after a huge collection of spare keys.
Keyed Alike locks can be particulalry useful for companies that have several units that need locking but only one level of security (i.e one person, or one group of people all require access to all locked units) again this removes the requirement for several sets of keys.
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