ASSA Solicode 22CL Keypad

ASSA Solicode 22CL Keypad


The ASSA Solicode 22CL is a powerful code lock keypad and successor to 190CL, 210CL and 220CL. The new code lock keypad replaces the three previous models and combines all their functions. All you need to do is choose between black or silver.

Benefits of the code lock ASSA 22CL are:

  • The code lock can be used both indoors and outdoors and meet the requirements of IP54.
  • Choose of up to seven 4 – or 6-digit codes. One which can be used as a temporary code.
  • Two codes may be blocked at certain times using a timer, there may be codes that only should be used during the daytime.
  • ASSA 22CL has an auxiliary relay that can be used to control an additional door with a code of its own.
  • Through the AUX output, you can also choose to set a door in an unlocked position, until the code is entered again.

The code lock is easily programmed from the keypad and the code memory is completely independent of current, which means that all codes will always be remembered even if the code lock is without power for some time. You can choose to have the numbers on the keypad illuminated, making the code lock suitable for use in the darkest of locations. After opening the door, the strike is immediately locked when the door is closed, if an electric strike with built in micro switch is installed.
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