Abloy Padlocks

Abloy Padlocks


Our range of Abloy Padlocks offer a choice of excellent quality locks to suit any given application. Ranging from insurance rating CEN grade 2 (Abloy PL320) to CEN grade 6 (Abloy PL362).
Abloy manufacture these locks not only to meet customers demands, but infact to exceed them.
Abloy padlocks are available on a wide range of key sections, with the whole range available as standard differs, keyed alike and master keyed.
Choosing the correct lock for your purpose is vital. Here at Keytrak we can advise you which padlock best suits the application for which you intend it to be used in. We advise considering cost efficiency, security level, longevity, weather resistance and insurance requirements.
Below you will find links to our webshop, linking to the overview of our Abloy Padlock range as well as each individual padlock.
For further information please follow the links below or contact one of our experts on 0151 495 5740.

Abloy Padlock – Full Range
Abloy PL320 Padlock
Abloy PL321 Padlock
Abloy PL330 Padlock
Abloy PL340 Padlock
Abloy PL341 Padlock
Abloy PL342 Padlock
Abloy PL350 Padlock
Abloy PL362 Padlock


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