Roller Barriers from KeyTrak

Developed to provide a SAFE but EFFECTIVE barrier to stop unauthorised persons from gaining access to flat roofs, or to premises or grounds by climbing over fences or gates. Roller Barrier installed above a gate, is also a brilliant way to protect alleyways.

The unique, independently rotating cups, collectively offer an unstable barrier for any would be intruder to negotiate, and consequently a more effective barrier than the older style rolling long tube type systems.

The 115mm (approx 5″) diameter unbreakable Roller Cups are purposely sized to prevent even the largest hands from getting a grip on and are manufactured from recycled polycarbonate material (helping local authorities to meet their recycling targets).

To protect against plastic degradation resulting from climate change and the hotter summers we seem to be experiencing in the northern hemisphere, the Roller Cups are now manufactured with UV protection to Southern European UV level standards and are of course also fire retardant.

Because there are no dangerous spikes onto which climbers could fall and impale themselves, the system is a favourite with schools and local authorities, etc. for installation and use where children or the general public may be present

Because there are no dangerous spikes or sharp edges to this product, it can be installed quickly, safely and easily, without specialist tools or equipment, by any qualified builder, fence installer or even a competent handyman.