Crimeshield has been used to protect glazing on many types of building including public buildings, libraries, schools, youth clubs, offices, community centres, churches, mosques, domestic properties, police stations, shops, and petrol stations.
Externally, from only a short distance away, Crimeshield fools the eye into thinking that protected windows have tinted glass fitted rather than a strong anti vandal grille.

The Crimeshield Barrier gives building owners another option in the fight against criminal damage. The window security grille has a strength and longlife, not found before in the physical security industry. Its durability earned it the honour of being the first form of window security to be insurance approved.

The Crimeshield Barrier was designed with architects and specifiers in mind, providing them with an unobtrusive solution for clients with security concerns. There are no unsightly iron bars or traditional steel mesh, simply a window security grille that effectively prevents damage.

Crimeshield is a durable metal perforated window security mesh mounted in front of, or behind the glass in windows or doors. The window security grille can be fitted into existing windows and looks equally effective mounted in traditional and contemporary frames.
Crimeshield allows well over 60% of natural light to enter the building, to maintain good visibility indoors. The pattern of the security window grille fools the eye into focussing on the view beyond the barrier. This means that residents, workers or guests in the building do not experience the ?closed-in? feeling that can be associated with some security products. This provides users with security, without compromising on comfort.

From a distance Crimeshield merely gives the impression that the windows are fitted with tinted glass , but at close quarters it is a visible deterrent to would be burglars or vandals.
The perforated screen offers protection against unauthorised access to the property through the doors or windows whilst also protecting the glass against blows, rocks or even air gun pellets.