Keytrak offer Invidia CCTV Security Analytics System. Utilizing high end technology we are able to improve the quality of CCTV detection, eliminating false alarms.

Traditionally it is accepted throughout the industry that security systems are generally passive and prone to multiple false alarms costing businesses both time and money. Keytrak believe that by using the best technology available company’s no longer have to accept second best with their security systems.

The Invidia Security Analytics System has extensive detection capabilities, with the ability to distinguish between people, vehicles and objects.

Using the functionality of the software users can set rules for alarms to be triggered by any variety of actions and circumstances. Whether it is a person moving into/ through a particular area, a vehicle moving in a particular direction or an object being removed from or placed into a specific location.

The Invidia Security Analytics System can utilize existing cameras (analogue or IP) so users with existing systems do not have to replace their existing cameras when installing.

This range of INVIDIA Video Analytics has been awarded Primary i-LIDS accreditation from The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPMI) and The Centre for Applied Science (CAST). i-LIDS has been developed by the UK government as a benchmark for Video Analytics. I-LIDS Primary detection means that our systems replace traditional methods of detection such as PIR and beam detectors.

Our CCTV Security analytics can save you both time and money as it will use your company’s current security infrastructure to improve both the accuracy and efficiency of what you are looking for.

You can find more information on The Invidia Security Analytics System below.

See Invidia Smart Track in action by clicking here

See Invidia Smart Wire in action by clicking here

See Invidia Smart Scene in action by clicking here

See Invidia Smart Watch in action by clicking here

To arrange a free demonstration or to discuss your requirements in more detail contact one of our experts on 0151 495 5740.

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