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How Master Key Systems Can Help Landlords

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How Master Key Systems Can Help Landlords

A master key system, or master key suite, as it is sometimes known, can offer a raft of benefits to property owners and managers. Here we consider how a master key systems can be of a great benefit to landlords of multiple residential properties.

The Problem

Many residential landlords find managing keys for their properties a big job. Keeping track of how many keys for a particular property have been cut, storing spare keys and making sure you have the right key available when you need it are all problems that have to be considered and managed.With our master key systems however landlords can eradicate the above issues.

The Solution

To explain how this is possible, let’s look at an example system that a Keytrak customer (Customer A) currently uses.

Customer A, a residential landlord, had a portfolio of properties that includes 6 x traditional lettings (family/ couples/single occupants) and 4 x multiple occupancy homes (HMO’s). Before their master key system was installed, Customer A required spare keys for each external door all of the properties as well as spare keys for the individual rooms in the HMO’s. Considering that each HMO has at least 4 separately let rooms in each, that was a minimum of 26 separate spare keys required. Managing these keys, and knowing which one is required when doing viewings, maintenance etc had proven to be a nightmare. Customer A was also concerned that tenants were getting extra keys cut without permission which meant they had no idea how many keys were in circulation, leading to serious security concerns. All of this led to Customer A enlisting the help of Keytrak to provide a solution.

Keytrak’s master key specialists designed a master key system to tackle and resolve the problems that Customer A was experiencing. Firstly the system was set up on the ASSA Flexcore Plus patent protected cylinders and key section so that new keys could only be duplicated by Keytrak with the permission of authorised individuals (set by the customer). This resolved the landlords concern of unauthorised key duplication.

Secondly, Keytrak’s technicians produced 26 cylinders that could be operated by each locks own individual keys as well as an overriding Master Key. This allowed Customer A to allow their tenant’s to have keys which would only open their individual door, whilst the landlords overriding master key could open all doors in all properties. Tennants in the multiple occupancy homes would need two keys; one for the front door and one for their room. This eradicated the issue of maintenance, viewings, non-payers and failures to return keys etc. The landlord could always gain access to the doors and rooms that they needed to.

Thirdly, Keytrak would keep a secure record of all keys and locks produced on the system. If the landlord needed a new keys for any partricular door he could simply call Keytrak with the door/lock/key info and a new key could be cut and ready for collection/delivery within minutes.

Fourthly, Keytrak designed the master key system to allow for up to 500 additional cylinders to be added in future. So if keys went missing, or if the landlord acquired new property, they could expand the system accordingly.

Finally, Keytrak provided cylinders with thumbturns for the HMO properties to comply with health and safety/ fire regulations. This resolved an issue that the landlord had initially been unaware of.

All of the above changes have improved Customer A’s ability to manage their portfolio of properties effectively and saved them money in key duplication, lock changes etc.

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For more information on how our master key systems can help you, please contact a member of our team today! In addition to supplying suites to landlords, we also supply master key systems to range of sectors including housing associations, estate agents, hospitality spaces, healthcare facilities, educational facilities and other corporate organisations.

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