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How much does an intercom system cost?

Use our quote builder below to build an estimate cost for your intercom system. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system, or install a brand new system, we can help you build your intercom quotation.

Our quote builder allows you to choose the number of intercom panels & intercom handets. You can also choose from audio and video intercoms, and wired or GSM intercom solutions.

Wired intercoms are exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll have cable connecting your main intercom panel to your individual handsets. If you are upgrading, we can normally utilise the existing cable. If it’s a brand new installation, you’ll need to consider whether running cables between device locations is practical, and how long that will take.

GSM intercoms utilise the mobile phone network, allowing for simple installation, even on the mnost complex site. The external intercom panels will call through to mobile or landline telephones, and the door or gate can be release from your telephone handset. Video GSM systems can call through to a smartphone application.

Intercom Quote Builder

Please complete the form below and our trechnical team will produce a quotation based on your answers. We will aim to get your quote back the same day, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Keep an eye on your emails just in case we have any questions.

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