Why Smart Locks?

Smart locks are changing the way both businesses and domestic customers think about securing their properties. When it comes to Access Control and Smart Locking Devices, there are a few things customers need to consider:

  • What level of security is required?

External doors need high security. Medium security solutions may be suitable for internal doors. Either way, when turning to smart security, you don’t want to reduce the level of secuity provided by your existing mechanical solution.

  • How much will it cost?

Use our Smart Lock Quote Builder to find out!

  • How easy is it to use?

It might look great, but how easy is it to use on a day to day basis? Choose a lock with great reviews, and supplied by a company who knows what their talking about. The Master Locksmith Association is a great place to start when choosing a reputable company.

  • What type of access credential?

So if it’s not going to be keys, what will be the method of access? Options include smart phone, fob, keypad, fingerprint, facial recognition. Or why not a combination of all of these?!

  • How reliable is the system?

Reliability is so important when it comes to a physical security device. Choose a system that will lock when you need it to lock and open when you need it to open. Nothing less than consistent, high performing access control should be considered.

  • What safeguards/ backups are in place?

Like leaving a spare key with your neighbour or family member in case a key is lost; it’s always important to ensure that entry can be gained whatever the circumstances. Whether that’s with key over ride, back up batteries, emergency power input, a spare fob, a phone charging port, or by having secondary method of access; a smart lock system should always come with a back up plan.

So what Smart Locking solutions can we offer you?


Simons Voss Mobile Key – Smart Lock

The Simons Voss Mobile Key smart lock solution can’t be ignored. One of the pioneers of electronic cylinders, Simons Voss offer excellent reliability as well as huge potential for integrating other access control systems. Manage via a smartphone app for single door systems, or via software for larger systems. Suitable for both residential and commercial environments. Can be integrated with fingerprint and facial recognititon. Works as standard with remote fobs. Mobile phone/ smart phone app can also be used as an access credential.

EVVA Air Key

The EVVA Air Key smart lock solution ticks a lot of boxes. Manage your keys via the Air Key web portal from anywhere in the world. Send access permissions to smart phones. This is great for locking your front door at home, or for helping you manage a portfolio of properties, whether it’s long term rentals or holiday lets.