Latest News News Abloy Provides Safe Access Control for Devon Community Home

Abloy Provides Safe Access Control for Devon Community Home

Abloy Provides Safe Access Control for Devon Community Home

Abloy UK has supplied Devon Community Home in Exeter with Abloy EL560 solenoid locks and handles to provide an access controlled anti-ligature solution as part of a wider security package.

Devon Community Home was looking for a high-security locking mechanism to be fitted throughout a new refurbishment of an existing unit. Exeter based, Guardian Security was brought in to undertake a survey to establish the best solution to fit the requirement.

Suitable for use in all kinds of access control systems, Abloy electric locks ensure freedom of access as well as maintaining the security of each door whilst meeting the requirements of EN179 and EN1125. They are ideal for use in high-security areas and are designed to work in conjunction with access, door automation and hands-free systems.

Devon Community Home offers independence training to underprivileged young people aged between 15½ and 18 years old to help them become independent and achieve their full potential.

Young people at places such as Devon Community Home are often very vulnerable, and some can have a tendency towards self-harm. Because of this, it’s important that door security equipment is of a high standard, and features a design that minimises it being used an accessory to injury or self harm. Products designed to prevent self-harm are known as anti-ligature, and are widely used in prisons, detention centres, young offender’s institutions, psychiatric hospitals and care homes, and generally anywhere people might be at harm to themselves.

For the refurbishment at Devon Community Home the Abloy EL560 handle controlled lock case was selected for solid doors, which has handles on both sides of the door. The outside handle is electrically controlled (by reader or push button), and the inside handle opens the solenoid lock.

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