ABUS TVAC15000B Wireless CCTV Kit

ABUS TVAC15000B Wireless CCTV Kit


The ABUS TVAC15000B package comes with EVERYTHING you need to quickly set up a wireless CCTV / video surveillance system at home. This particular system can take up to 4 wireless CCTV cameras. All cameras provided with this system are IP66 rated outdoor cameras with 10m Infra-Red Night Vision.
This wireless CCTV set includes a 2.4 GHz wireless monitor and one camera and retails at £199.00 + VAT. Additional cameras can be purchased with the system for £95.00 + VAT or later for £115.00 + VAT.
The wireless transmission between camera and monitor offers a range of 100m outdoors and 40m indoors.
All recordings can be stored to an SD card that is inserted into the monitor. Motion Activated Recording can be set during install.
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